Hi! I’m Claudia Ramly and I am a Learning Scientist, Speaker and Consultant


Aiming to close the gender gap in AI and STEM fields, and having spent 15+ years bridging machine learning and human learning I am  passionate about empowering women in their careers. I have delivered 250+ workshops and keynotes in 20+ countries through Medtronic, UNESCO, Fullbridge, and other multinational organizations. I also have experience speaking to crowds of all sizes: from an audience of 1000+ Member States at the UNESCO World Conference (as youth key-note speaker) to an audience of 10 tourists on the streets of Gemmayzeh in Lebanon (as  the founder of a walking tour), I enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with teams from more than 25 countries in the Middle East, Europe, North America, and LATAM.

My Story

My career is a mix of traveling to work and working to travel. I worked as a lead trainer and travelled to more than 20 countries designing and delivering workshops on AI powered medical devices to healthcare professionals. One day the VP of the company noticed my ability to quickly create rapport and inspire the audience during a meeting, and asked me to moderate the company’s regional kick-off event. That was how I discovered my passion for speaking and my ability to immediately connect with any audience.  

I am a multi-potentialite who enjoys a slash career. I’ve worked in academia and industry. I’ve learned Italian, Greek, and Esperanto. I’ve dabbled in oil painting and calligraphy. I’ve pursued a PhD and ended up with two Masters degrees. I’ve learned R and Python coding. I’ve mentored social entrepeneurs and undergraduate students. Throughout my career I’ve delivered trainings on a variety of topics from using machine learning in training programs to combat misinformation, to smart medical devices for patients with diabetes, to accelerating STEM learning through intelligent tutoring systems. I was nominated as one of 365 Inspirational Arab Women for 2020 and have championed women advancement through Women in Data Science, Arab Women in Computing, Google’s I Am Remarkable, Lean In, and Data Visualization Society. 


My passion to empower women in both their workplace and their careers led me to create a training program to help women self-advocate.  As a woman myself who worked across the MENA region, I have personally experienced and witnessed the challenges that women face when it comes to self-promotion and advocacy in professional settings.  Through the years  I  developed a keen understanding of the barriers that women often encounter in the workplace and have identified effective strategies for overcoming them. 

One aspect of my work that sets me apart as a speaker and expert in women’s empowerment is my experience working across various countries and cultures. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with women from more than 25 countries in the Middle East, Europe, North America, and LATAM and through these experiences, I have gained a deep understanding of the cultural nuances and challenges that women face in different contexts.