Claudia Ramly

Speaker / Learning Scientist / Consultant

Selected as one of 365 Inspirational Arab Women for the Year 2021.

I have delivered 250+ workshops and keynotes in 20+ countries through several multinational organizations.

What I am passionate about


Seasoned Speaker

With 15 years bridging machine learning and human learning, as well as my passion to advance women in STEM and AI fields,  I speak on topics such as “AI powered medical devices”,  “Women and AI”, “Strategic self-advocacy in the workplace”, and “Reinventing your Career”.  I have also moderated kick-off events for multinational companies and universities. 


Learning Scientist

I love designing learning experiences for a variety of audiences whether business managers in a multinational company, or students curious about a new field. I think of myself as a lifelong learner, and have a wide range of interests. I am a cellist and a pianist, and also enjoy dabbling in calligraphy and oil painting. 



With my dual advanced degrees in Public Health and Educational Psychology, I also consult on projects in healthcare and ed tech. I have had the privilege of serving as a lead trainer in 18 countries for physicians, nurse educators, and patients. Throughout my career, I have also worked with ministries of health and key decision-makers to establish medical technologies in MENA, Europe, and Asia, building an extensive professional network across these regions.

About Me

Hi! I’m Claudia Ramly and I love designing learning experiences.

I am a Speaker / Learning Scientist / Consultant.

I am also passionate about empowering women in the field of STEM and AI, having spent 15+ years bridging machine learning and human learning across technology, education, and healthcare fields.

Main Services


Speaking & Facilitating


Women Leadership Workshops

Past collaborations


“I would like to congratulate you and thank you for sharing with us your expertise and knowledge in the field. The workshop was very well organized and you have exceptional communication skills.”

Tatiana P.

“What an amazing job today. You are a terrific facilitator and made the session seem effortless. There was great engagement from all.”

Nancy F.

"Claudia always craves for excellence in her work, inspires people around her and never misses an opportunity to help others. Claudia shows exceptional skills in adopting brilliant means to fluently transmit her creative ideas. She is an excellent public speaker, merging diplomacy and professionalism in her work."

Wissam H.

"The speaker was wonderful. The session was well organized and it was great to get to talk to others around the table. Fantastic!"

Participant - UW Madison, Women and Leadership Conference 2022

"Greatly enjoyed this session. The presenter was super personable and knowledgeable. I had a lot to think about."

Participant - UW Madison, Women and Leadership Conference 2022

"Loved the presenter and would really like to attend anything else. Very positive, great energy, non-judgmental."

Participant - UW Madison, Women and Leadership Conference 2022